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MISSION - Catalyst Foundation

Catalyst Foundation is currently working to build communities to fight human trafficking. Our story, the work we do, and our fight to stop trafficking was featured in three episodes of the “CNN Freedom Project in February 2012.

For children and families living in extreme poverty in Vietnam, Catalyst Foundation is a humanitarian organization that supports community programs to provide basic needs, job opportunities, counseling and education to prevent the trafficking of young children. We believe that through these support mechanisms, the cycle of poverty can be broken and we can be the catalyst for hope. There is no simple option to stop trafficking. Catalyst Foundation believes there is only a holistic approach to ending this tragedy. Through education and community development, we are giving these communities and its daughters HOPE!

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We now have Raglai families waiting desperately for our help in Ninh Thuan Province. Read more about Our Raglai Community. Our staff has doubled in an effort to effectively administer our programs, as well as keep pace with the community’s needs. We are in a critical need of funding so that they can too sustain themselves through success, solidarity, and community cooperation.