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ABOUT CULTURAL TOUR - Catalyst Foundation

Catalyst Foundation’s “Vietnam Cultural Tour” is a travel program for families with children adopted from Vietnam. As an extension of the Catalyst Foundation Vietnam Culture Camp, we are proud to offer this opportunity to your family. As with the Culture Camp, our goals are to build self-esteem and establish an appreciation of the Vietnamese culture through the ultimate in interactive experiences. This is a travel program that will allow each participant to see, smell, taste, and feel all that Vietnam has to offer.

In preparation for the Cultural Tour, you will work directly with Caroline Nguyen Ticarro,  Founder and Executive Director of Catalyst Foundation.  She has extensive experience working closely with adoptive families, including supporting a variety of cultural events, and coordinating the Vietnam Culture Camp since 2001.  She has traveled to Vietnam over 50 times in the last 15 years.

Prior to the trip, you will hear first-hand accounts by adoptees and their parents about their own homeland tour experiences. We will provide an opportunity for families to share any concerns and discuss it together.  As participants map out their activities, the same approach will be taken to map out what can be done to make the trip unforgettable!

Download the complete Cultural Tour Brochure

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“I liked the fact that we traveled north, central, and south. I felt we got an good sense of the country. I liked the small group we traveled with; it met our needs very well. The schedule was adjusted as needed for the groups needs. I liked the change up….sleeping on a boat one night, resort the next, small town, and big city. The accommodations where very comfortable and met our needs to the max.  The best thing was being in country with my children and not having to plan our next move. I got a vacation too!”
– Jacalyn K. with sons ages 10 and 13

“The main reasons we chose to participate in the Catalyst Foundation Vietnam Cultural Tour was we felt very comfortable going with Caroline. Also, the places and activities we toured were amazing.”
– Mary H. with daughter age 11

“Our kids loved spending time with Caroline and her team.  They do an amazing job of keeping things fun for the kids (and adults too!) while keeping them engaged in what they are seeing.”
– Carey and Leanne A, with children ages 8, 11 and 12

“Catalyst Foundation has been a trusted partner to adoptive families and their Vietnamese children for more than a decade. Their experience leading both humanitarian aid trips and producing superior quality Vietnam Culture Camps makes them a natural leader for Vietnamese homeland tours. Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota has long recognized the value of such cultural tours for adopted persons and their families. This is a life-changing and enriching experience which should not be missed.”
– Therese Bartlett, Director, Intercountry Adoption
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota and Adoptive Parent of children from Vietnam