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ABOUT CULTURE CAMP - Catalyst Foundation

“Culture camp has enriched us beyond measure and we arrange our summer plans around it every year. The feeling of belonging, making connections, learning things that we never would be exposed to, having a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture, and being a part of this community has been life changing and we are beyond grateful!”

“Culture Camp continues to promote his pride in his heritage. Gives him a safe place to talk about adoption, race, prejudice. Role models (counselors and older kids) aid his development. He really feels that Catalyst is his extended family.”

“I think Culture Camp has had a big influence on my son’s life.  Even if he doesn’t always express it, I think he’s developed a sense of being proud to be Vietnamese.  By seeing families and kids whose stories are similar to his, he’s developed a sense that it’s ok to be adopted.  As a family, we talk about adoption, and the fact that it stinks that he will probably never know his birth family, but, I think he has some sense of not feeling like he’s the only one when he’s met other kids with similar stories.  That doesn’t always make his life “easier,” but I think camp has had a positive influence on his life.  He’s still only a child, and his adoption story is a lot to digest…even for adults…but Culture Camp is a blessing and, again, a positive influence.”

“We are always amazed at how wonderful and rich it is, every year!” 

“The fact that my son asks to come back means that the community he finds at Culture Camp is making an impact. I think that will only get stronger in the years ahead.”

Catalyst Foundation’s Vietnam Culture Camp strives to ensure the children in our community are proud of their identity and heritage. We help our families to develop greater multicultural awareness through a variety of workshops and activities. We try to inspire all to strengthen their own communities and to be a catalyst for HOPE.

Parent/Adult workshops emphasizing history, identity, cultural differences and similarities, and adoption issues assist participants to recognize and manage the concerns facing adoptive families and the communities they live in. Children (Pre K through 5th grade) activities provide a unique opportunity to learn about the Vietnamese language, customs, art, and music of the cultures that are inherently part of their family’s life.

Our “Youth Leadership Program” is for all middle school and high school students. It is a series of youth-centered programs and activities focused on challenging discussions and exchanges. Our goal is to empower young students to learn valuable leadership skills to be the “catalyst” for positive change.

Market Saigon, a cultural market, will be available where families may purchase Vietnamese merchandise including books, dolls, toys, and handcraft goods from Vietnam. A portion of the proceeds benefits Catalyst Foundation.

We hope that you will enjoy the whole weekend – whether it is in a workshop learning from a new friend or participating in an activity or during a random moment where we will celebrate just being together. Children and their families also have the opportunity to interact with our counselors who are all amazing role models.

We are actively seeking national community sponsorships,  please download the Vietnam Culture Camp Sponsorship Information.

If you are interested in presenting at Culture Camp please complete this form.