In July 2022, we had our 20th and final multi-day Catalyst Foundation Vietnam Culture Camp. I’m so proud of OUR history together. I began this camp to help my daughters, and even for me, to appreciate our birth country and it has grown into such a beautiful experience.


Since 2001, the Vietnam Culture Camp has reached:
      • 2,949 families from 37 different states and 3 countries
      • 4,177 children
      • 1,368 counselors


I am so grateful for everyone that has volunteered and participated at Culture Camp over the last two decades. And can’t wait for what’s to come! Thank you!


Catalyst Foundation’s “Vietnam Cultural Tour” is a homeland travel program for families with children adopted from Vietnam. As an extension of the Catalyst Foundation Vietnam Culture Camp, we are proud to offer this opportunity to your family. As with the Culture Camp, our goals are to build self-esteem and establish an appreciation of the Vietnamese culture through the ultimate in interactive experiences. This is a travel program that will allow each participant to see, smell, taste, and feel all that Vietnam has to offer.

We are thrilled to announce a series of Catalyst Vietnam Conferences that will showcase the groundbreaking work of Vietnamese American leaders and creators in the arts, politics, and various industries.

Our first one in April 2013 was co-presented by New Vietnam Studies Initiative. Thank you Wendy Lieu Hassan, Isabelle Du, Kim Hung Do, Trần Văn Kirk, Hanna Bogue, Ly Ky Tran, Jennifer Kim-Anh Tran, Can Truong, and all of our participants!


Stay tuned for the announcement of our next one…soon!