Community Development


Catalyst utilizes a community driven holistic approach to provide the basic needs of education and literacy, jobs, human rights and HOPE.

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There is no simple option to stop trafficking, so we work to prevent it. Catalyst Foundation utilizes a community driven holistic approach to protect the children by providing those basic needs we all take for granted: education and literacy, job, human rights and HOPE.

The four facets of our community development programs are Primary Education, Community Education, Vocational Training, and Health & Nutrition.

Our Community Education program’s objective is to provide basic education to address the source of trafficking – extreme poverty. We provide families with access to social services (i.e., identity papers, assist and educate about household debt management, and literacy classes). Our classes develop self-awareness and empathy to educate the community.

Vocational Training provides our teens and adults with the opportunity to develop financial self-reliance. Our community has no real employment opportunities, and they must contribute by doing what they can. Our objective is to convert these skills to new jobs and income.

Our Health & Nutrition program is consistently providing enough food from a food distribution for each family every month, health and hygiene education, and quality medical care. We also work to implement a multi-phase plan to improve access to water and provide proper sanitation.


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