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Holistic Programs - Catalyst Foundation

There is no simple option to stop human trafficking. Centered on a holistic approach, Catalyst Foundation is a humanitarian organization that supports community programs to provide basic needs, job opportunities, counseling and education to prevent the trafficking of young children.

In order to save the lives of these children, we must address the root of the problem – extreme poverty. Catalyst Foundation firmly believes that the most effective way to break the cycle of poverty in an individual child’s life is to strategically empower whole communities by educating, providing training and employment, building safe dwellings, and teaching children to stand up with dignity.



Our goal is to give the community access to proper bathroom facilities and sanitation.


9 out of 10 children suffer from malnourishment, we will teach our families to grow nutritious food to supplement their poor diets.


We must provide the most basic of human needs - enough safe water.


Catalyst Foundation will build clinic to offer basic medical care to the community to insure health equity.


To form successful partnerships, our team is the liaison between the community members and local officials, business owners, and teachers..


We build, repair, and improve homes for families that have never had four walls and a roof.

Vacation training

Our goal is to help families realize their dreams by creating other methods to generate sustainable income.


Through education, we can break the cycle of poverty. “Project Backpack” sponsors the education & supplies for a child that couldn’t go to school. We have also built new and renovated existing schools to bring the access to education for those who didn’t have it.